‘Bookmiser’ Hosts Book Signing with Pinnacle Lust author January 31 in Roswell, GA

Israeli Native Taps Life’s Work as a Nurse During War Time in an Authentic Novel, Pinnacle Lust.

Pinnacle Lust

Atlanta, Georgia, USA (January 15, 2015) — Atlanta resident, Michelle Dim-St. Pierre, author of Pinnacle Lust will be a special guest at a book signing hosted by Bookmiser Book Store in Roswell, GA on January 31, 2015 from 11:30am to 1:30pm. (Bookmiser is located at 4651 Sandy Plains Rd. Roswell, GA 30075)

A native of Israel and a skilled medical professional, Michelle Dim-St. Pierre left her homeland for America to further her career in nursing, recently finding herself giving up her lifetime career to write her first novel, a stirring and unforgettable story of romance and intrigue.

Pinnacle Lust is scheduled to be released this month. This story takes place in Israel during Operation Desert Storm, where an illicit affair leads to great love, betrayal and an unregretful commitment.

Sharon Lapidot, is a beautiful young nurse who falls deeper and deeper into an affair with a married doctor. Her world is shattered by powerful and eroding mistakes, but her courage leads her to an unregretful commitment in a land far from home. It is only eighteen years later when her daughter discovers that the man who raised her is not her biological father.

In explaining her career shift from nurse to writer, Dim-St. Pierre says, “The nurse in me is sealed in my heart-it is me. I believe that the right time to change careers is when you reach the pinnacle. In my case it was even better, my nursing career inspired me to write.”

The final push to write Pinnacle Lust came when the author was vacationing in Hawaii. “I wanted to read something that felt authentic and real… not a Cinderella story… I wanted more of a resemblance to real life in my reading material, so I decided to try my hand at writing such a story.”

Besides the affair between nurse and doctor, Pinnacle Lust deals with:
• The power of love in a woman’s life and the resilience of the human spirit.
• The real, raw emotions of an escalating affair – the duality of love and hate, lust and anger.
• The culture in Israel and how the Jewish religion factors into that with the dichotomy of the religious and the secular Jews.
• The effect of Operation Desert Storm on everyday life in Israel.

Dim-St. Pierre’s nursing career, alongside her personal experience of having lived in Israel during Operation Desert Storm, is reflected in her writing.

Michelle wove many of those firsthand experiences into Pinnacle Lust which she says steers the reader to this truth: “Life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to, but the human spirit is resilient and can survive and flourish given enough time. That love outlasts everything.”

Pinnacle Lust has already earned much praise from top reviewers including:

“A fascinating, sensual read!”
-Grady Harp,
Top 50 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

“I was captivated.”
-Amos Lassen,

“Some scenes never leave your mind…”
-Steve Bowden,
New York Times best-selling author

“The sensual and s*xual components stretch beyond the erotic, creating a genuine, intellectual read.”
-Dr. Idan Militcher, S*xual Therapist,
Sourasky Medical Center, Tel-Aviv

The book signing with Michelle Dim-St. Pierre is scheduled for January 31, 2015 from 11:30am-1:30pm at:

Sandy Plains Rd. @ Hwy 92
4651 Sandy Plains Rd.
Roswell, GA 30075
(770) 993-1555

About Michelle Dim-St. Pierre
Born in Tel-Aviv, Michelle lived through four wars and served in the Israel Defense Forces for two years. She practiced for 32 years in the surgical field and health care administration. A full-time writer, she is a world traveler who enjoys cooking epicurean food. For more information, visit: http://www.michelledimstpierre.com.

Media Contact: For a review copy of Pinnacle Lust or to arrange an interview with Michelle Dim-St. Pierre contact Scott Lorenz, President of Westwind Communications Book Marketing, 734-667-2090 or scottlorenz@westwindcos.com or http://www.book-marketing-expert.com.

Latest Cone Beam CT and Dental Laser Tool Makes Surgery More Comfortable and Less Invasive

Dr. Timothy Kosinski introduced intra-oral cancer screening with Velscope technology that is used to assist dentists in discovering cancerous or pre-cancerous growths in patients 18 and older that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

Dr. Timothy Kosinski

Bingham Farms, Michigan, USA (December 24, 2014) — As the SmileCreator of Bingham Farms, Dr. Timothy Kosinski is recognized as a leader in making available the latest in technology and implant procedures to patients in Southeast Michigan. Dr. Timothy Kosinski introduced intra-oral cancer screening with Velscope technology that is used to assist dentists in discovering cancerous or pre-cancerous growths in patients 18 and older that may not be apparent to the naked eye.

Before that, Dr. Kosinski introduced into his practice CAD/CAM technology which made digital impressions easier on his patients and allows for computer fabrication of crowns and bridges. Now CT diagnosis, using the latest CT scanning equipment visualize the mouth area in three dimensions and simulates the surgical placement of dental implants in the proper position prior to ever touching the patient.

A new CO2 dental laser added into Dr. Kosinski’s practice makes possible a minimally invasive approach to surgery without using a blade which controls bleeding and minimizes post-operative complications and reduced patient discomfort after surgery. The CO2 dental laser also decontaminates the site, reducing the risk of infection.

“The CO2 is the most used laser in medicine and now is available for my use in dental surgery,” says Dr. Kosinski, “and we have much faster healing compared to traditional surgery methods.” (Watch Demonstration here: https://www.njvid.net/showvideo.php?pid=njcore:52380)

“Our new VaTech Cone Beam CT is a green machine — limiting hazardous materials from being integrated into the device, thus creating a low environmental impact,” says Kosinski. “The CT has ultra-low dose X-ray technology and has a rapid 5.9 second scan. It is nice to have this amazing technology right here in my office, for all our patients’ needs.”

Dr. Kosinski is still looking for individuals who are willing to be evaluated to see if they are eligible for dental implants at greatly reduced prices. Dr. Kosinski is looking for 40 patients to be involved in his teaching program for doctors learning his techniques in implant dentistry.

Candidates must be missing upper or lower back teeth and have no uncontrolled medical problems. A no-fee evaluation will be completed to determine if they are candidates for this teaching program.

Once selected, the individuals will receive a dental implant and abutment for $699 – an incredible $1,500 savings. After healing, a crown over the implant will be created by Dr. Kosinski, also for a reduced fee. All patients accepted in this program will receive a CT scan, or three dimensional X-ray to idealize their situation, at no fee (a $450 savings).

Those interested in the reduced implant procedure should contact Dr. Kosinski’s office, SmileCreator of Bingham Farms at 248-646-8651 to schedule a free, no cost or obligation appointment.

Dr. Kosinski is a Dental Practitioner who has established himself in the dental implant field and has trained hundreds of professional dentists and dental students in the best techniques for successful implants. Dr. Kosinski has placed well over 10,000 dental implants in his dental career and did nearly 1,000 implants last year alone.

The implants at greatly reduced prices are offered because Dr. Kosinski participates in a dental training program he offers in cooperation with the Engel Institute led by Dr. Todd Engel. Professional dentists will come to Dr. Kosinski’s office to be trained and under his mentoring will perform implant surgery on select patients.

As important for his general dentistry patients, Dr. Kosinski’s team has also made available electric toothbrushes like the Pro Health System from Crest and Oral B because electric brushes are far more effective in eliminating gingivitis than normal brushing – removing 100 percent more plaque than manual brushing.

The SmileCreator of Bingham Farms office is located at: 31000 Telegraph Rd., Suite 170, Bingham Farms, MI 48025. For more information visit: http://www.SmileCreator.Net.

About Dr. Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS, MAGD
Dr. Timothy Kosinski is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at the University Of Detroit Mercy School Of Dentistry and serves on the editorial review board of Reality, the information source for esthetic dentistry, Contemporary Esthetics and Clinical Advisors, and is the immediate Past President of the Michigan Academy of General Dentistry and serves as editor of its journal. Dr. Kosinski received his DDS from the University of Detroit Mercy Dental School and his Mastership in Biochemistry from Wayne State University School of Medicine. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the American Society of Osseointegration. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and received his Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Kosinski has received many honors including Fellowship in the American and International Colleges of Dentists and the Academy of Dentistry International. He is a member of OKU and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Dr. Kosinski was the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry Alumni Association’s “Alumnus of the Year,” and in 2009 received the Academy of General Dentistry’s “Lifelong Learning and Service Recognition.” Dr. Kosinski has placed more than 10,000 dental implants, published over 100 articles on the surgical and prosthetic phases of implant dentistry and was a contributor to the textbooks, Principles and Practices of Implant Dentistry, and 2010’s Dental Implantation and Technology. He was featured on Nobelbiocare’s Nobelvision and lectures extensively.

Media Contact:
Scott Lorenz
Westwind Communications Medical Public Relations

“The Glow of Paris is a Spectacular Collection of Photos” Ross Rojek, San Francisco Book Review

Accompanied by a fascinating historical portrayal, the book presents a unique and aesthetic vision of Paris because no one else has ever photographed and written about the bridges that cross the Seine in this way.

The Glow of Paris

New York, NY, USA (December 22, 2014) — Most Parisians will be shocked by the unnoticed and unheralded beauty of the bridges across the Seine River that they cross over in the city every day.

That’s because very few Paris residents have witnessed the stunning beauty of the bridges at night as displayed in a one-of-a-kind book of black and white photos of the 35 bridges crossing the Seine in city limits as captured by Gary Zuercher.

Zuercher spent five years photographing the 35 bridges at night during the winter months and another year researching the history of the bridges, gathering anecdotes, printing and assembling the prints to put to press the recently published The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night (ISBN 978-0-9906309-0-6, Marcorp Editions, 2014, 208 pages, $49.95, available on Amazon and at: http://www.marcorp-editions.com.

The Glow of Paris is an eclectic collection of extraordinary gelatin-silver photographic prints of the bridges of Paris – nighttime images that are breathtaking. Accompanied by a fascinating historical portrayal, the book presents a unique and aesthetic vision of Paris because no one else has ever photographed and written about the bridges that cross the Seine in this way.

“For the most part Parisians take these architectural wonders for granted, relying on their functionality to get them where they want to go each day,” says author Zuercher. “They don’t appreciate the beauty because most don’t see the glow of the bridges at night. And most have forgotten that from Julius Caesar to Princess Diana, the bridges of Paris have played in important role in history.”

The fascinating narrative that accompanies the artistic black and white photos includes historical facts and little known tidbits about the bridge, such as:

• The history of these bridges precede the birth of Christ. In 52 BC Julius Caesar conquered Paris; the earliest recorded mention of the bridges is found in Caesar’s Gallic War commentaries. Most of the later history evolves from around the time of the Middle Ages and thereafter.

• On the morning of October 3, 1943, an aircraft hit the Pont de Tolbiac Bridge and crashed into the Seine, killing the four Frenchmen on board. The four were members of the Free French Air Force who had flown from an airfield in England to participate in the allied bombing of a power station outside of Paris.

• Bridges constructed prior to the late eighteenth century normally had houses and shops built directly on them. Floods, ice floes, fires, boat collisions, and structural failures frequently destroyed the bridges. The collapsing bridges took the houses and shops down with them, and often their occupants as well. In 1769 Louis XV finally outlawed the construction of houses on the bridges, but it took until 1808 for the last building to be removed.

• The Pont des Arts seems to have the densest proliferation of locks, perhaps because of the French adage that roughly translates as “a lock on the Pont des Arts is your commitment for life and a lock on the Pont de l’Archevêché is your commitment to your lover.” It is estimated that more than 250,000 are attached to the Pont des Arts. According to the newspaper Le Figaro, the weight of the locks is 300 kilos per lineal meter. That equals 205,207 pounds, a considerable weight for the bridge to bear. From time to time the guardrail fence starts to fail under the weight and has to be replaced, at which point the locks are simply thrown away.

• The name of the Pont au Change Bridge comes from the time of Louis VII (1137-1180), who in 1141 ordered the moneychangers to locate on the bridge. This allowed visitors entering the city to change money there. In 1304 Philippe le Bel (1268-1314) authorized gold and silver dealers to join the moneychangers on the bridge.

• Early on, the Pont Neuf was the center of a permanent fair, a meeting point for all the sophisticated as well as the vulgar pleasures of the capital. At any moment you would find street performers-acrobats, fire-eaters, and musicians- charlatans and quacks, as well as hustlers and pickpockets, not to mention a lively trade in prostitution. Among the many businesses were several famous “tooth pullers.”

“This information will be of great interest to not only tourists and historians but also to Parisians who have limited knowledge of the 35 bridges in their city and are surprised at the number of islands in the Seine, (three not two)” says Zuercher. “There is a great deal of truth in the words of author Monique Marty who wrote of the bridges – ‘They are the extension of the streets, the hyphens between the two river banks. We cross them on foot, by car, by Metro. We see them without looking at them and that’s a shame’.”

Zuercher, an artist in the darkroom as well as behind the lens, lives half a year in Paris and the other half in Washington, D.C. He develops the film into negatives in Paris and then makes the prints in the D.C. darkroom. Often he would make 20 to 30 prints before coming up with just the right photo for his book. The results of his work prove what was written by Ansel Adams, “The negative is like the score of the music and the print is like the performance”.

The stories related to the project are rich enough to fill another book, such as the time he was refused access to a church roof to photograph an aerial shot because he could not be there while the nuns were sleeping. Or when he had to use mountain climbing equipment and the aid of city firefighters to climb to the top of city hall to shoot seven bridges from the air. Or when young thugs threatened him while Zuercher was working at night but were defused when he offered to take their pictures and email it to them.

Limited Edition: Along with a signed copy of the book, a gelatin silver photographic print of the “Seven Bridges” featured on the book’s cover, hand made to museum archival standards, will be available in limited quantity, signed by Gary Zuercher, mounted on 16″ x 20″ acid free mat board and ready for framing. For more information visit http://www.marcorp-editions.com.

About Gary Zuercher
In addition to being a professional photographer and successful businessman, Zuercher is a commercial pilot with more than 2,000 hours of flight time. He held the patent for wave pools and his equipment was used in hundreds of wave pools in the U.S. He also was a pioneer in spraygrounds at public recreation sites and for both accomplishments he was elected to the Waterpark Association Hall of Fame. Zuercher spent five years photographing the bridges of Paris at night and another year in historical research for his book. He divides his time between homes in Paris and Washington, DC with his wife Dominique who is French.

Media Contact: For a review copy of The Glow of Paris or to arrange an interview with Gary Zuercher contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Book Marketing at scottlorenz[at]westwindcos.com or by phone at 734-667-2090 or http://www.book-marketing-expert.com.