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Golden Networking brings Tech2Trade Expo 2013 (, World’s Most Influential Alternative Investments Conference Series, now incorporating Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013, “Getting Ready to Manage $5 Trillion by 2016,” New York City, London, Chicago, Singapore and Frankfurt (

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New York City, NY, USA (June 25, 2013) — As hedge funds have matured as an alternative asset class they have been increasingly embraced by institutional investors of all sizes, as well as high net worth investors, Tim Ng, Managing Director, Clearbrook Global Advisors, says. Their very success or perceived non-success may also be creating confusion for some investors. This issue is more important than ever before due to the changing landscape of hedge fund investing that has shifted from predominantly an asset class filled with high net worth investors, to now being dominated by major institutional investors.

The growing dependence on hedge fund returns by institutional investors to provide alpha and downside risk mitigation versus traditional long only assets makes it more important than ever to properly identify, understand and employ the proper hedge fund to meet the specific return, risk and liquidity objectives of the institutional investors. Over many years and now decades, we believe that hedge funds have been a misunderstood asset class due to investors and advisors alike grouping hedge funds into a single melting pot and believing any hedge fund should be able to accomplish what the client needs.

Institutional investors today are confronted with achieving acceptable rates of return and the need to mitigate downside risk. Pension funds in this low interest rate environment are seeing their underfunding status worsen, and endowments are needing to find other means with which to meet their annual spending needs. Therefore, Ng says, it is important for institutions to ferret out and employ investments that can meet their targeted rates of return without taking on an inordinate amount of risk. The choice of the appropriate hedge fund to either provide risk/adjusted alpha versus equities or a moderate fixed income like return can help institutions to reduce their volatility and enhance returns over time. Lower volatility and smaller potential portfolio draw-downs lead to a greater wealth effect and compounding of return for the institution.

The consistent compounding of returns will permit institutions to better meet their liabilities and spending needs, as hundreds of the most important players in alternative investments in the world will find out at Tech2Trade Expo 2013’s Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013 (, “Getting Ready to Manage $5 Trillion by 2016”, this July 30 in New York City, September 18 in London., October 8 in Chicago, October 24 in Singapore and November 21 in Frankfurt. A virtual who’s who will soon follow as one legendary manager after another will take the stage. Billions of investable assets will be represented by influential local and international investors who will listen with rapt attention as star managers and analysts discuss and debate the biggest issues facing the industry today.

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