PB Millionaire Jim Lawlor Victim of Fake News

Lawlor Says: “Fame Comes With A Huge Price”.


San Diego, CA, USA — There was a time, not long ago, when people would read the newspaper or watch a reliable TV Network to get their news. Not anymore. New York Times Reporter, Michael Lynch, wrote an article called: “Fake News and the Internet Shell Game” in which he outlined how the internet has created a platform to deceive readers into believing “fake news” for the purpose of swaying public opinion. Lynch reported: “It was…the year of ‘fake news’ in which pure fiction masquerading as truth (like posts that claimed Hillary Clinton used a body double and Pope Francis had endorsed Trump) may have spread wide enough to influence the outcome of the election.”

But this deception game is not only used for political purposes, it is also widely used as means to sway public opinion about a public figure. Famous people today are plagued with so-called “haters” who in their twisted thinking become obsessed with someone famous and try destroy that person’s character. Often times they have never even met the person that they try to defame, yet they paint an unbecoming picture of the person whom they “hate” to get the public to believe their point of view, and in doing so they use “pure fiction” as well.

Jim Lawlor – also known as the “PB Millionaire”, has been a victim of these fake news stories. One example is a so-called news story on the internet that claims that the PB Castle – Lawlor’s home, was in foreclose in 2008 and that he was going to lose his house. Someone even said: “Foreclosure is imminent.” The truth is that Lawlor was suing his mortgage company because he was told his mortgage was a fixed rate but, in fact, it was a variable rate and his mortgage was going to double that year. Lawlor’s lawyer advised him not to pay his mortgage as a means of leverage against the mortgage company. It worked. Lawlor won the case which settled out of court and he got the rate he wanted as well as a fixed rate. He made well over a million dollars that year and had plenty of money to pay the mortgage but choose to take his lawyer’s advice and was thereby very successful in getting the kind of mortgage he wanted. The mortgage loan was in default at the time but the house was never in foreclose. However, if one were to read this fake news story, one would think he had no money and was going to lose his house. And that’s what the writer of this fake news story wanted you to think.

There are more than a dozen false news stories like that one on the internet about Lawlor with the intent to defame him. If you did a background check on the “PB Millionaire” you would find nothing. So why is there such a disparity of the truth herein an article on Oprah.com written by: Helen Fisher, PhD, called “Jealousy – the Monster,” Fischer wrote: “Why do we feel jealousy? Therapists often regard the demon as a scar of childhood trauma or a symptom of a psychological problem. And it’s true that people who feel inadequate, insecure, or overly dependent tend to be more jealous than others. And if you can’t stop spying or obsessing (and many of us can’t), it’s time to consult a mental health professional.” Unfortunately, those mentally ill people have computers and unleash their rage on unsuspecting celebrities.

The PB Millionaire is a true rags to riches, success story here in San Diego. After graduating from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he found himself in the midst of a recession and painted houses as a way to get by. It is then he envisioned his invention for a new type of safety goggle for spray painters. After getting a patent, he started his goggle business in 1991 and within a few years, annual sales were over one million dollars. His company continues to grow each year. Lawlor says: “I was naive to think that one day if I became successful, people would look up to me and would want to know how I became successful so they too could be successful. I didn’t realize how many angry people are out there in the world. Fame comes with a huge price because once you are famous you become a target for all the crazies out there.”

But Lawlor doesn’t feel inclined to hate back. “I only have compassion for those who suffer. I experience bliss because of my daily meditations. Those who have hate in their hearts are experiencing suffering. We should never feel anything but compassion for those who suffer – it’s just inappropriate.” And when I asked Lawlor how it affects him when he reads these hateful remarks, he said: “I don’t even read the stuff. If within the first sentence I see that it is hateful, I just delete it off my screen. I’m a very happy person but I feel sad for those people who choose to waste their lives hating others. If they put the same amount of time and effort into a business or working for a good cause, they would probably be happy too.”

PB Reality Show

Lawlor created “The PB Reality Show” about six years ago which depicts his nouveau riche lifestyle as a millionaire living in a castle here in Pacific Beach – a beach community within San Diego. It is then when all the Perez Hilton wannabe’s began their cyber attacks on his character. But there are way more fans than haters. The PB Reality Show Facebook page has over 80,000 followers (http://www.facebook.com/thepbrealityshow) who have nothing but praise for Lawlor. Debby Prater, a Facebook fan said: “You truly are a very special man. To give so much to so many others, and not merely materialistic things. But straight from the heart. Thank you, from the bottom of mine, for making this world a better place.” Rachel Andrei Buntyn said: “I have been a fan for over 4 years and continue to look up to you because you are a one of a kind person. You are a man of God and do God’s work by giving to the less fortunate all the time. I would love to meet you one day, I have always bragged about you on my timeline. You are such a beautiful human being. May God continue to bless you, Jim.”

Before he became wealthy, Lawlor was very involved in a world peace project that helped end the Cold War between the then USSR and the USA and was on the Today Show, CNN, and the major network news stations. (See http://www.pbmillionaire.bio). Now that he has money, he finds he can do a lot more to help people in need. Most of his employees and even former employees speak highly of him using adjectives like: “thoughtful,” “caring,” “easy-going,” “funny,” “knowledgeable.” Lawlor is multi-lingual and is a scholar of history. He has read many books on American History and is often quoting one of our Founding Fathers. He now devotes much of his time giving back to the community through his charities with a special emphasis on helping the homeless here in San Diego. He likes to make what he calls “Homeless Survival Bags” filled with foodstuff, water, juices, socks, and sweaters. He then personally drives around San Diego handing them out with his staff.

“I’m not going to apologize for being successful. Thomas Jefferson once said: ‘I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.’ – I agree.”

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PB Millionaire’s Baby Seal Rescue Makes A Big Splash

Video Goes Viral On YouTube.

PB Reality Show

San Diego, CA, USA (July 28, 2013) — A baby seal was rescued at Windansea Beach in La Jolla and the video is all the talk on YouTube and Facebook. The pup seal waddled its way onto the beach right in the middle of a video/photo shoot for a swimsuit calendar. “It appeared to be wounded” said Jim Lawlor, executive producer of the PB Reality Show, whose camera team was there filming a bikini shoot for an episode of the show and happened to capture it all on camera.

Lawlor, who is nicknamed the “PB Millionaire,” called Sea World who sent a rescue team that netted the seal and brought it back to their location for medical treatment.

“Great show, Jim is really cool and does a lot of good for SD and injured seals!” – one Youtube viewer wrote.

Others wrote:

“The Humanitarian ‘stuff you do is amazing! That was my favorite part with the seal and the Homeless”

“Oh I loved the part where they saved the seal.. so touching.. but the whole episode was amazing, i am going to watch all of the episodes”

The rescue can be seen in the later part of the Episode 2 video here: http://youtu.be/AT_GYV3yfCM

When Lawlor first arrived here to San Diego 22 years ago, he had to sleep in his car as he couldn’t afford his rent. He painted houses as a means to get by and, ironically, invented a pair of goggles for spray painting that made him a millionaire. (See Lawlor’s Bio: http://www.pbmillionairebio.com)

From living in his car to living in a castle here in Pacific Beach, Lawlor calls it “Living the California Dream” – which is the theme of the show. The show has a huge following on Facebook with 85,000 fans and counting (Facebook: “The PB Reality Show”). Lawlor and his entourage are constantly recognized wherever they go around San Diego sometimes making it difficult to film. In the past two years various fan sites have popped up touting loyalty to the PB Reality Show: http://pbreality.wordpress.com.

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