Aroma Organic Packaging Systems Introducing Innovation for Manufacturers

The Aroma Organic Packaging Company is gaining new grounds in the industry with the introduction of a new packaging system organic that utilize a spray created by scientists based in California. The world is evolving at a fast pace, and there is a need for brands that are specialized in the production of items that will stay on the shelves for an extended period to preserve their products. If these products are not adequately maintained with the right materials, it could cause damage to the products which will result in loss of revenue for the manufacturers.

This challenge was identified by the Aroma Organic Packaging Company and has motivated the brand to work on an innovative product that will ensure the preservation of products for a more extended period. The packaging system which utilizes a spray and designed by the Aroma Organic Packaging Company was put together by a team of scientists from California. These packaging items are available in clear cans, plastic paper, and metal. The essence of the spray is to help the product to retain its excellent form for an extended time and prevent it from getting spoilt.

The ingredients used in producing these preservatives are sourced from fresh fruits and sealed adequately into clear cans which will be used by different producers to ensure the preservation of their products and keep it in good shape for the consumption of their clients. Use of these packaging materials will help producers to maintain their stronghold on the market and promote their brand image.

The Aroma Organic Packaging Company is founded by the renowned billionaire with incredible business acumen, Tarik Freitekh and his long-time associate, Ahmed Sary. The reputable billionaire who has various investment portfolios across all vibrant sectors of the economy is renowned for his ability to discover new opportunities saw an opportunity in the manufacturing industry and want to help more manufacturers with a viable solution that will control the wastage of products when they are not preserved very well. It is a known fact that firms that are into production lose a significant part of their revenues when their goods are messed up and ruined. The introduction of the aroma organic spray which is available in various can sizes will help different producers to preserve their products and ensure they make more money.

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Mi Rancho® Signs to Provide Organic Tortillas to Sun Basket

Mi Rancho’s Commitment to Organic Corn Products and Non-GMO Food Sources Ideally Suited for Sun Basket’s Healthy, Farm-to-Table Meals Delivered To Your Door.

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San Leandro, CA, USA — Mi Rancho® (, a Bay Area food innovator in the production and global distribution of tortillas and Mexican foods, has announced that Sun Basket, purveyors of fresh, farm-to-table dishes you can prepare at home, has committed to exclusively use Mi Rancho’s tortillas for its organic meals.

Mi Rancho and Sun Basket share a commitment to producing fresh, flavorful products using organic ingredients from non-GMO food sources. Sun Basket prepares meals to cook at home using hand-selected, seasonal ingredients from Pacific Coast farms. Farmers are carefully chosen to provide organic, non-GMO produce and sustainably farmed foods, including grass-fed, antibiotic free meats and sustainable seafood. In addition to organic and non-GMO recipes, Sun Basket offers Paleo, Gluten-Free and Vegetarian meal options. Mi Rancho’s organic tortillas fit well with Sun Basket’s commitment to using only organic products.

“Mi Rancho’s are my daughter’s favorite tortilla! I love their quality, flavor, and their commitment to organics and the Non-GMO Project,” said Executive Chef Justine Kelly of Sun Basket.

“Sun Basket understands the value of using traditional methods to make our stone-ground, organic tortillas,” said Fernando Alvear, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mi Rancho. “We share their passion for sustainable organic farming and delivering fresh, tasty products free of GMOs and glutens. We are delighted that Sun Basket has decided to exclusively use our organic tortillas in their meals.”

Mi Rancho offers a complete line of organic tortillas made with organic corn, organic whole wheat, and organic ancient grains including flax and quinoa. Mi Rancho has been a family owned business for three generations and the Berber family has a passion for using authentic techniques and artisan bakers to produce fresh, delicious tortillas. As part of that commitment, Mi Rancho uses only the finest ingredients so customers can count on a delicious, high-quality product in every package.

About Sun Basket
Sun Basket is a healthy meal kit service that delivers fresh organic ingredients and delicious, easy-to-make recipes. Sun Basket makes it easy to cook healthy, with Paleo, Gluten-Free and Vegetarian options, plus breakfast. Get 3 recipes per week for 2 or 4 people, with sustainably sourced, pre-measured ingredients delivered to your door in recyclable packaging. Sun Basket’s delicious nutritionist-approved recipes are created by Executive Chef Justine Kelly, former head chef at James Beard’s award-winning restaurant, The Slanted Door in San Francisco. For more information, visit Sun Basket on the web at

About Mi Rancho
Mi Rancho® is an innovator in the specialty foods market specializing in tortillas and Mexican food products. Founded as a family-run Mexican bakery and grocery store in Oakland in 1939, Mi Rancho started to expand in the 1950s, providing tortillas to local restaurants. Today the company remains family owned and operated by the third generation of the Berber family, with plans of succession to the fourth generation currently working within the company. Mi Rancho produces 4.5 million tortillas each day or 1.3 billion tortillas each year, serving various segments including food service, retail, industrial, and international. Despite Mi Rancho’s growth, the company is still operated with a passion for excellence and a commitment to produce the best quality tortillas made from local California ingredients.

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