Online Women’s Community Opening Its Doors

BeFab Revolution is a new concept in online communities, focused exclusively on the needs of modern women age 50+. The community, which features certified experts on topics of interest to members, will be opening its doors for founding membership from January 25-February 1 only.


Portland, OR, USA — A new concept in online communities will soon be accepting applications for membership. BeFab Revolution (, the online community for women age 50 plus, will open its doors to founding members between January 25 and February 1, 2017. Membership will be open world-wide during this period for any woman meeting the age requirements.


“This is the first community to offer members direct access to credentialed experts (doctors, authors, speakers, industry insiders) on the many topics that women over 50 care about,” says BeFab Founder Gretchen Asher. “Finally, as a woman you have one reliable place where you can get real answers from a bioidentical hormone doctor, watch a webinar about re-coding your brain to achieve your dreams, and discuss what you learned about dealing with a younger boss– all from your sofa.”

Experts for the community have emerged from around the globe, providing an international and multicultural experience for members that is also unique. While currently member resources are available only in English, the community welcomes women from all over the world.

BeFab Revolution ( is already using language to change the narrative. The tagline, “We are not our mother’s generation” speaks to women who live in the new millennium, who have been found to be the healthiest, wealthiest and most vibrant generation of women over 50 ever. Yet BeFab and fans believe that even now, misinformation, underhanded marketing, and the perpetuation of the classic narrative pervade society. Writes fan Deirdre, “Fabulous Gretchen! Such important work empowering these women to show up in their magnificence. I love it. So much wisdom to be shared with the world. And you are the one to facilitate that now. Yuhooo!” Deirdre, like many women, is ready to show up.

The community itself is billed partly as a celebration of how wrong the old narrative is and how important it is to find knowledge and positivity. Gretchen blogs of her own experience with a marketing executive who once told her women over 50 are irrelevant and not fabulous. “We are fabu-LOUS, not fabu-LESS” is a central tenet of the community, and there is laserfocus on loving- or learning to love- this stage of life. Writes one enthusiast on social media, “Turning 51 in April. Need all the advice I can get.”

“Gaining knowledge from experts and having my questions and concerns addressed makes me feel very empowered,” Gretchen notes. “In this Third Act of life, we still have so many new directions to take and opportunities to reinvent ourselves. We ARE fabulous!”

In line with the latest paradigm in self-sustaining socially-responsible business, BeFab will charge a nominal fee to cover costs. Founding membership is set at $18 per month, and the price will be locked in as long as a member remains in good standing. After February 1, membership will be closed until later this year, when membership fees will increase in accordance with the additional content available.

Founding members in this new online community concept will also get a special opportunity: Setting the tone for the community as it blossoms. This can be anything from seeding the discussions on the secret Facebook group to taking the opportunity to ask questions of the experts who present to them via webcast. “As the first members from the public, founding members will have a big say in the directions BeFab will take,” says Gretchen.

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You Are A CEO To Debut at Collision with New Platform that Combines Social Media and Gamification for Personal Achievement

You Are A CEO Logo

New Online Community Applies Habit Reinforcement to Motivate Members to Achieve, Share, and Celebrate Personal Accomplishments.

Las Vegas (May 4, 2015) — At the Collision conference for technology start-ups being held here this week, You Are A CEO will be showcasing its new online community that lets you achieve, share, and celebrate personal goals using gamification as a motivator. The You Are A CEO site currently has 5,000 beta users and is designed to inspire, celebrate, and reward you for daily achievements in your health, relationships, finances, and career while providing the opportunity to motivate and give accolades to others. The online community was created to harness the power of habit reinforcement to help you take charge of all aspects of your life because you are the CEO of your life.

Developed by founder and CEO Michael E. Parker, author, popular public speaker, and successful entrepreneur, You Are A CEO was developed to help people consistently achieve, while encouraging others to do the same. The concept is built on findings from behavioral scientists that to achieve personal goals requires motivation, small wins, and positive reinforcement. While motivation to achieve can get you started toward your goals, it’s habit – the unconscious behaviors of the brain – that ultimately enables you to succeed. You Are A CEO has been developed as a positive gathering place where members forge positive habits for achievement. Members can exchange information, inspiration, and learn new life skills to triumph through personal breakthroughs and motivation. It also provides the ideal forum for marketers to reach consumers who are looking to improve their lives.

“Collision is a great forum to announce You Are A CEO, since our social media startup is the first of its kind to bring social media and gamification together to enable personal achievement,” said Parker. “With You Are A CEO, we have created an online environment to help shape your thoughts and actions to stay focused on achieving. It all starts with how you think, which impacts how you feel and what you actually do. I spend my time inspiring others to be their best in business and their personal lives. Through You Are A CEO, we have developed a forum where we can inspire each other to achieve any goal and have fun while doing it.”

Personal Advancement Through Gamification
Members can use the community to reach personal, professional, and financial goals, capture positive moments, ask others for encouragement, and provide encouragement in return. The You Are A CEO environment is structured to create a positive, achievement-oriented mindset that makes successful patterns a consistent habit. The negative reinforcement and unhealthy emotional patterns inherent in society create negative belief systems that make it difficult to overcome obstacles. You Are A CEO uses the “cue-routine-reward” model and persuasive technology to help rewire attitudes to promote positive outcomes for achievable goals.

Personal goals can include anything from losing weight, getting a raise, establishing a budget, or saving for a trip. Members also capture positive moments like making it through a hard day, receiving some good news on the job, or hearing from a close friend.

An Integrated Marketing Platform
Parker plans to offer You Are A CEO as an integrated marketing platform to organizations seeking to reach success-minded consumers. The platform will support demographic targeting, geographic targeting, behavioral targeting, and psychographic targeting for research and marketing.

Advertising and direct marketing opportunities will be offered as banner space, sponsored game components, sponsored sections of the site, and more. The site is ideal for companies offering products and services that promote health, personal development, wealth management, and a better lifestyle.

During beta testing, interested users can request an invitation for access and receive weekly email updates. It is scheduled for release later this summer online and as a mobile app for both iOS and Android. For more information, visit

About You Are A CEO
You Are A CEO is a movement that uses a gamified social achievement platform to keep people motivated to achieve and live a more fulfilling life. You Are A CEO cultivates the mindset, personal qualities, and habits that help you experience the euphoria of a more fulfilling life. The platform provides a community of positivity with an infrastructure that allows you to stay motivated to achieve your health, relationship, finance, and career goals.

You Are A CEO will be available as a mobile app for iOS or Android, or can be accessed from any web browser. For more information, visit

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