The Secret to Landing Mr. Right is Out – Get in the Game!

New board game is a win for women giving them confidence as they pursue “The One”.

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New York, USA (July 31, 2013) — From Sex in the City to Fifty Shades of Grey, the latest craze for single women is Landing Mr. Right TM, a hilarious social board game about dating that’s entertaining women of all ages at private homes, chic boutiques and hot-spots from Miami to Manhattan.

“Landing Mr. Right parties are the newest trend for an unforgettable girls’ night,” says Alys Daly, who created the game along with girlfriend Victoria Brewer. The two pondered writing a how-to book about dating, but decided what women need is a platform to come together and talk about their dating experiences – the good, the bad and the comical. The game is designed to inspire single gals and give them the confidence that as long as they stay in the game, they will land their Mr. Right.

Landing Mr. Right revolves around dating six types of men: Blue Blood, CEO, Regular Guy, Triathlete, Rock Star and Techno-Geek. The game is easy to follow. A player selects a Date card that takes her to one of ten exciting destinations – from Paris to Vegas. However, whether that date puts you closer to or further away from Landing Mr. Right (a space on the board you must land on to win) is, as they say, all in the cards.

The Your Story cards tackle everything from online dating to meeting his family. Questions, such as “They’re making a Broadway Show about your sex life. Is it a comedy, a romance or a one-woman show?” get you thinking, laughing and discovering new things about yourself, your girlfriends and the men you date.

Brewer adds, “Landing Mr. Right gives you the opportunity to date outside your comfort zone and explore relationships with different types of men. For instance, if you’ve always gone for romantic, yet undependable Rock Stars, why not roll the die with a loyal and predictable Regular Guy, says Brewer.

Fans of the game agree. Yania Olabarrieta, a 40-something single advertising executive who hosted a Landing Mr. Right party at her condo in Miami Beach says, “Landing Mr. Right opened my eyes and made me see that I tend to date the same type of guy, yet he’s not for me. More than a game, Landing Mr. Right is Therapy in a Box!”

Alys & Victoria have just launched a campaign on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects. Supporters will be the first to get the signed game and other Landing Mr. Right merchandise. They plan to have the game produced in mass quantity and available on in time for the holiday season. For more information, contact Alys & Victoria at; call 561-339-5929 or 305-815-0312 or visit their blog at and share your hilarious dating stories.

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