First Edition Design Publishing Releases New Book, “Connections” by Jennifer Dixon

Connections, by Jennifer Dixon, is a deeply personal memoir about how music can help us get past grief and loss of those closest to us.

ACT, Australia — Jennifer Dixon’s Connections begins with a brief description of the author’s life detailing the connection to music that she shared with her sister Maureen.

After losing her sister, during a 500-mile trek: Santiago de Compostela (commonly known as ‘The Camino’), as she was attempting to walk into oblivion, she experienced the astounding power of music to transcend her grief and re-connect her with her sister and her own life.

When her brother-in-law and her mother died, just four years later, the author embarked on her second Camino and was provided with yet more proof of the healing power of music and its positive affirmation of life. The story is peppered with music tracks and these are listed at the end, together with mention of some of music’s other therapeutic effects.

Though born in the UK, Jennifer Dixon has lived elsewhere for most of her adult life. Nonetheless, she is still proud of her Geordie roots. Currently living in Canberra as an Australian with a strange accent, Jennifer is married and has two grown-up children. She has worked in France, Germany and Italy. She has also lived in Spain, Nepal, Thailand, Zimbabwe and Mexico. Jennifer has a degree in Sociology and a diploma in Counselling Theories and Skills and has worked variously in several bi-lingual secretarial positions within Europe, as a Court Reporter, and as an Administrative Assistant in Social Services (UK). She earned a Black Belt in judo at nineteen; has walked the 500-mile Camino (Santiago de Compostela), in Spain, twice; plays the guitar, dabbles in painting; adores languages and etymology; is very attracted to the culinary arts; cannot live without abundant laughter and, regards music as a miraculous and indispensable gift of the universe.

Genre – Music, Life-force, Connections, Poetry, Travel, Grief, Walking, Re-evaluating, Dreams, Revelations, Thermodynamics, Re-connection, Healing

Connections ISBN 9781506905006, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 244 page print book version, ISBN 9781506904993 is published by First Edition Design Publishing ( and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

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Jennifer Dixon

FED Publishing Releases New Book, “My Crazy Undercover Life: Secret Agents Battling Evil in America” by Mike Clawson

My Crazy Undercover Life: Secret Agents Battling Evil in America, by Mike Clawson, peers into the often bizarre world of an undercover agent fighting the forces of evil in America.

Goodyear, AZ, USA — Mike Clawson’s My Crazy Undercover Life: Secret Agents Battling Evil in America is a very unique memoir about the wild life Mike had as an undercover agent battling the evil goings on in the U.S during the late eighties and early nineties. It is about how he found a huge conspiracy going on with murderous-drug dealers who thought they were CIA agents and may have been hooked up with the Mafia and just may have been planning a civil war. A crazy time and he feels he has to tell the world his story!

An amazing read and a real page turner!

A quote from Mike – I signed a DoD contract so I had to wait 20 years until I could write about it… I also go in to the wild times I had growing up in the seventies, all the crazy party times, crazy people I’ve met, playing in a rock band, some military stuff, seeing some UFO’s and the karma I learned from remodeling houses. It’s very wild with a lot of new information I’m sure people will be really amazed to read about.

I was born March 21, 1968 in Derby, KS a beautiful suburb of Wichita. I grew up in a big family of hippies. I have two years of college, and I was under cover Department of State helping to get rid of bad people here while working on houses, remodeling and painting. I also played lead guitar in a Punk/Heavy-metal band. I’m not crazy though some people around me and my life sure turned out that way…

Genre – memoir, suspense, thrilling, spy-novel, murder-mystery, entertaining, satirical, thought-provoking, educational, suicide-prevention

The ebook version of My Crazy Undercover Life: Secret Agents Battling Evil in America ISBN 9781506904153, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold.

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Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Area Author Announces the Release of Nonfiction Book Opening Doors to Peace: Overcoming Family Dysfunction

Mary Ann Sromoski has self-published her first memoir about overcoming family dysfunction.


West Pittston, PA, USA — Mary Ann Sromoski debuts her very first book in print, entitled Opening Door To Peace: Overcoming Family Dysfunction. The book is a memoir highlighting the adversity that the author has faced since childhood and takes the reader through a journey of estrangement, greed and, ultimately, peace.

Dealing with family dysfunction is one of the most difficult problems in our society. The positive message at the end can help you find and open your own doors to peace. “Family is not defined by blood” and “Never judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes” are clearly proven in this engaging book.

Mary Ann began self-publishing ebooks on Amazon approximately three months ago. The book has been published on Lulu and available for purchase in print version at

For those living with family dysfunction and actively searching for answers, you are invited to view the memoir and details about the author at You can follow Mary Ann’s career on LinkedIn at and view her other e-books at

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Mary Ann Sromoski

New Memoir ‘Riches, Loss and Redemption: One Woman’s Journey’ Offers a Powerful Message About Inner Fulfillment and Profound Love

In her sequel to ‘Martha Ruth, Preacher’s Daughter’ Marti Eicholz shares her ongoing journey and unrelenting search for self-acceptance and within her own heart and soul.

Riches Loss and Redemption One Woman s Journey by Marti Eicholz

San Diego, CA, USA — Marti Eicholz’s second memoir, ‘Riches, Loss and Redemption: One Woman’s Journey,’ is a compelling, stand-alone sequel that combines subtle poignancy with stark, difficult truths and a sense of self-awareness that is brutally honest as she reveals the details of her life after finding love and moving to California from her home state of Indiana.

Once settled on the west coast, Eicholz and her new husband begin their life together. Eicholz finds herself navigating unfamiliar territory but slowly acclimates to what on the surface appears to be a charmed life. She immerses herself in her upscale community in the San Francisco Bay Area, organizes and hosts posh parties and high-society events, and mingles with celebrities and entertainers. Eicholz and her husband acquire several homes, travel the world, join the country club, donate to charities and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. But even as she savors her first-class experiences, Eicholz is always aware that she has become disconnected from her purpose, and that she may have lost her way amid the excitement of living life large.

The eventual and unexpected loss of all of their assets becomes a turning point in Eicholz’s life, a turning point that perhaps she was always moving towards. “Each experience and stage of my life was a unique gift,” explains Eicholz. “I learned that my responsibility was to value each one of these gifts and to protect them from attempts to suppress their contribution.”

Motivated by the necessity to examine her own experiences and to help others on their journey, Eicholz provides a valuable narrative (in the same strong, pure voice as her previous memoir) about the powerful and transformative process of introspection. Her book is filled with joy, sorrow, success, self-doubt, love, fear, compassion and a deep and palpable gratitude for the preciousness of her life and the steadfast love between her and her husband.

“Every step of my lifetime journey was equally significant and necessary for my growth towards healthy living,” says Eicholz. “By sharing my story, others may be given insights that would give clarity to their own journey.”

‘Riches, Loss and Redemption: One Woman’s Journey’ is published in ebook format by and is now available at popular online retailers including,, and Apple’s iBookstore.

Marti Eicholz is available for interviews.

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Marti Eicholz

New Book Release – Breezy with a Chance of Mixed Metaphors – Parodies, Poems, Palindromes, Personal Memoirs, by Marvin Francis Fouty

Breezy with a Chance of Mixed Metaphors – Parodies, Poems, Palindromes, Personal Memoirs, by Marvin Francis Fouty, sings of lost times and people – a warm breeze of yesterday.

First Edition Design POD & eBook Publishing

Bath, MI, USA (March 9, 2016) — Marvin Francis Fouty’s Breezy with a Chance of Mixed Metaphors – Parodies, Poems, Palindromes, Personal Memoirs introduces a boy, growing up in Lansing and Houghton Lake, Michigan, an early life with grandparents during World War II and its aftermath and how the war colored their lives. They are heartfelt poems and memoirs so their stories don’t disappear from memory.

I began writing family memoirs two years ago and sharing them with my family and friends. My memory goes back to the years before World War II. I was four years old in the summer of 1941 and have vivid memories of my maternal grandparents, Peter and Maren Sollid and my fraternal grandfather, Clell Fouty. Peter and Maren had ten children, my mother, Dorothy, and her sister, Gunda, the oldest girls. They talked about their early years, growing up on the farm in Eaton County in the 1920s and early 1930s.

Author Marvin Francis Fouty is a writer, a poet and the Creative Director of Philo Publishing. He is a retired Professional Land Surveyor and Real Estate Broker who lives in Bath, Michigan. He is a Fellow of the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors in Lansing and a Fellow of the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping in Washington, D.C. As a member of Mensa and Intertel he is the Scholarship Chairman for Mid-Michigan Mensa and a member of the Lansing Community College Foundation Scholarship Committee.

Genre – Biography, Memoir, Norway, Michigan, Poetry, Math, History, Essay, Fun

The ebook version of Breezy with a Chance of Mixed Metaphors – Parodies, Poems, Palindromes, Personal Memoirs ISBN 9781506900964, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 118 page print book version, ISBN 9781506900957, is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

Marvin Francis Fouty