KastKing Introduces Specialty Fishing Rods

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KastKing, a division of Eposeidon Outdoor Adventure, Inc. has created a line of specific use fishing rods that bring innovation and technology to fishing tackle.

Bass Fishing

Hempstead, Long Island, NY (August 25, 2014) — Eposeidon‘s KastKing™ division that sells high-quality economically priced fishing reels and fishing line has added fishing rods to their product lineup. KastKing™ will offer 23 models made for freshwater techniques and kayak fishing. Their bass fishing rod line carries the name Perigee, named after the positioning of the moon when fish are most active, and Phantom for KastKing’s™ patent-pending kayak rod series. KastKing™ has designed and manufactured spinning and baitcasting rods in the Perigee line for specific bass fishing techniques such as: crankbait, flipping/C-rig, topwater, frogging and punching, jerkbait, and drop-shot/shakey head.

Kayak Fishing

There are also KastKing™ Perigee multipurpose spinning and baitcasting rods for a variety of species and techniques. In addition, KastKing™ has created a rod specifically for kayak fishing. It was designed after input and months of testing by kayak anglers in freshwater and saltwater.

“Possibly the greatest feature of these rods is the price,” says Eposeidon’s Marketing Director, Tom Gahan, “With top quality components and features that offer action of rods costing hundreds more, we have a good outlook for market share with our price-point set in the $70 range. It took a lot of work to pack so much quality into these rods and offer the best value anywhere. For the angler’s sake, we’re glad we could.”

Eposeidon will be offering a special pre-release discount on Perigee and Phantom rods at the beginning of September. Pre-release ordering details will be available at http://www.eposeidon.com at that time. Customers who place a pre-release order will have their rods shipped out after arriving in Eposeidon’s warehouses in mid-September. Once the KastKing™ rods are in inventory, the regular retail price of $79.95 will apply.

Drew Daniel of Drew Daniel Adventures, who comes from a fishing family in the sporting goods business and is a renowned outfitter of guided fishing trips in the US, Mexico, and Brazil says about KastKing™ Bass rods, “The very best rod on the market, We have a closet full of other brand rods, KastKings are my go to rod for fishing all over the world.”

“An excellent multi functioning rod for jigging for bottom dwellers or casting for predators. In a kayak, rod selection is so important since you can only bring a few, but these rods give you the ability to have a multi-species day with just one pole,” commented Elias Vaisberg, who competes in fishing competition internationally and has won the Jamaica Bay Kayak Fishing Classic in 2013 and 2014 that has hundreds of competitors.

Tate Cui, CEO at Eposeidon says, “Eposeidon listened to input from the angling community for their wants and needs in a quality fishing rod. We gathered the best designers, engineers, and materials to create a fantastic product. The feedback from our testers has exceeded our expectations. We are willing to work within tighter margins to make KastKing rods affordable and stay within our company motto, ‘the thing we do best is save you money on fishing tackle’.”

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