Dating Website Academic Dating Turns 10 Years Old

Dating website Academic Dating celebrated its 10 year anniversary this year. The site now has 4,278 members from 144 countries.

Melbourne, Australia — Dating website Academic Dating ( achieved a milestone this year 2017, reaching 10 years of operation.

The website was originally developed as a dating website for the academic community.

However, people from a wide range of backgrounds joined the site and the site now has a wide base of members.

The membership base is approximately 4,278 members from 144 countries.

The website is totally free to use and supports its expenses through modest use of Google Adsense advertisements on the site.

Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and locations.

The largest countries represented on the site are the USA, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and India.

However, there are 144 countries represented in all.

The gender split of the site is quite even, with 62% male and 38% women.

Academic Dating has a comprehensive set of dating site functions including sophisticated search options, the ability to upload an unlimited number of photos to a member’s profile, messages sent through the site, and the ability to remember or block communication with other members.

A unique feature of the site is the ability of a member to select from three colour schemes, which when selected will update all pages throughout the site as viewed by that member.

Although hosting members from a wide range of backgrounds, academics do join the site at times in line with the original intention of the website.

A comprehensive set of Frequently Ask Questions, and Policies documentation is provided online.

Academic Dating is extremely easy to use, with all screens based on menus, links and function buttons.

Academic Dating includes a “guest” login feature, where visitors can log into the site and view most of the site pages, however they must join and create a profile if they want to communicate with other members.

Operation of the site is extremely fast, due to the careful limiting of the use of graphics, and the high quality hosting solution and database system used.

The site is hosted on a secure commercial hosting service based in the USA.

The site was developed as a new venture by the owner, Mark McIlroy in 2007.

Site administration is based in Melbourne, Australia and is a venture of Mark Laurence McIlroy.

Mark McIlroy is based in Melbourne, Australia and currently works in the Financial Planning industry.

He has a background in the corporate Financial Services sector in Australia. His early career was based in Information Technology roles, and included Financial Services roles such as Portfolio Manager (Quantitative), managing Australian Equity share portfolios for a major bank.

The site address of Academic Dating is

For more information, please contact the principal Mark McIlroy at or by phone at +614 32 427 738.

Media Contact:
Mark McIlroy
+614 32 427 738

Dating Website Offers to Fix Obamacare Website is offering to fix for free.


New York, NY, USA (November 21, 2013) — Contact: Gautam Sharma, 954-343-8725

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– Instant notifications in which the site automatically sends emails to every member’s preferred email address letting them know every time they have a message or any other kind of contact from a member.

– Security to insure that users can code any of their photos as private, viewable only with a secret password.

– Search capability allowing members to find the exact kind of person they are seeking by searching for many detailed parameters including location, age, gender, marital status, height, body type, if they have photos, if they are online now, and browsing profiles by most viewed members, newest members, newest photos, most popular members in their local area and much more.

– Varied membership plans including a 3 day free trial, a 5 day trial, a 7 day free trial, a 30 day free trial, and a full monthly membership.

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“The ability to upload and store tens of millions of photos of any size and retrieve and display any one of them within a second is a function that and its allied sites perform hundreds of thousands of times every day. There are also tens of millions of interactive email communications between members that are stored and retrieved from the database and displayed at any second. This is a much higher level of complexity which does not possess nor require.

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Gautam Sharma is available to the news media for interviews by calling 954-343-8725 or by emailing SD4ME@GMAIL.COM.

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