Launches Careers, News and Lifestyle Site for Drivers and Truckers

Original content, entertainment, games, career opportunities and health and wellness features are provided on the free site plus more.

USRoadWarriors Logo

Round Rock, TX, USA — USRW LLC announced the launch today of, its new careers, news and lifestyle site for drivers and truckers. The website is free and offers many features including a Driver Job Center, original articles, videos and podcasts, Health and Wellness options including mobile medical referrals, weather and games. It is the first website of its kind in the marketplace.

“Approximately 15 million people in the US self describe themselves as Drivers. This includes all drivers from local delivery to over-the-road (OTR) truckers. We wanted to create a website that addresses the unique needs of all drivers and provide them with tools and resources to make their lives easier and more productive,” said Carl Braun, publisher and co-founder of

“Original content is the key to the websites success,” noted John Fujii, co-founder. “Our team of writers are creating original articles that you can only find on and our affiliate sites. The website has a Driver Job Center with tens of thousands of career opportunities for drivers with all types of experience levels. In the next several weeks, USRW is launching niche employment sites serving the Veteran, Women and Diverse driver segments as well.”

“We have 20+ years of Internet job board experience and our website has been around for 8 years of that. Forty percent of the market are passive job seekers and we are dedicated to introducing passive candidates to excellent career opportunities through leading edge features and original content,” noted Braun.

Media Contact:
Carl Braun

Cross-Post LLC Partners with NewsCheckMedia LLC

Company will power for the publishing, digital and broadcast media news sites.

Cross-Post LLC

Petaluma, CA, USA — Cross-Post LLC, the leader in niche recruitment network advertising and job center platforms for the newspaper and publishing industry, announced today a new partnership with NewsCheckMedia LLC, which publishes and The company will power the job board that will focus on career opportunities for the industry.

“We are very pleased to have been selected as the platform provider for this excellent news site. and are incredible resources for news and information in the publishing and broadcast media industries. will be the “go to” career opportunity resource for people looking for a new job with media companies.” Noted Carl Braun, CEO of Cross-Post LLC.

Kathy Haley, Publisher of NewsCheckMedia agrees. “One of the biggest challenges our audiences face is placing the right talent into a changing mix of jobs in senior management, revenue generation, content creation and technology. will deliver the same quality leads and prospects as TVNewsCheck and NetNewsCheck classifieds have always done, but on an advanced, unified platform designed to streamline the process of posting jobs and simplify the task of looking for a new job. will feature career news and information and products that enable employers to recruit and consider women, minorities, veterans and IT professionals. The job board is free to candidates and offers posting and advertising opportunities for employers at very reasonable rates.

“Targeted recruitment is the key to success in today’s market,” Braun said. “Niche recruitment websites like provide valuable tools for employers and candidates alike to excel.”

The Cross-Post Technology utilizes the “tracklet” tool that enables the candidates to search for jobs and fill out applications quickly and completely. It is mobile enabled and can operate fully on any size screen or mobile/desktop device.

About Cross-Post LLC
For over eleven years, Cross-Post LLC has been the industry leader in niche recruitment network upsells for newspapers and publishers serving over 200 clients like the Washington Post, Seattle Times, The Oklahoman and the Houston Chronicle Its technology recruitment classifieds platform utilizes award winning technology and niche networks in fourteen different categories like Diversity, Healthcare, Trucking and Social Media employ the largest job board providers in each category.

Carl Braun, CEO
Cross-Post LLC

About NewsCheckMedia LLC
NewsCheckMedia publishes, the leading source of business news for the broadcast television industry, and, a leading source of business news for media executives, managers and professionals competing on the front lines of digital disruption.

Kathy Haley, Publisher
NewsCheckMedia LLC

Prescription for Dull Presentations Available in Newly Launched Book

Expert presenter, Jason Kabera, is equipping professionals to boost the quality of their presentations through his new book, The Presentation Doctor. A 2014 Prezi survey revealed that 70% of Americans agree that presentation skills are critical for career success. Still, 75% of the respondents indicated that their presentations skills could be improved. The Presentation Doctor is a dynamic resource that teaches people how to advance their career by making brilliant presentations. According to the author, there are 7 common mistakes that presenters make.

The Presentation Doctor

Nairobi, Kenya (February 04, 2016) — Professionals who want to inject some life in their lacklustre presentations, now have a new resource to help them following the launch of the new book, The Presentation Doctor.

Written by Jason Kabera, The Presentation Doctor is a dynamic resource that teaches people how to advance their career by making brilliant presentations. According to the author, there are 7 common mistakes that presenters make. But he takes a unique approach to addressing these problems by attributing psuedo-medical terms to them.

A brief description of the symptoms provided for problems such as Slides Dependency Syndrome (SDS), Presentation Connectile Dysfunction (PCD) and Bloated Data Disease (BDD). The causes of these ‘ailments’ are also discussed and prescriptions are provided to effectively treat them.

When asked about the inspiration behind the book, Jason, said: “I make hundreds of presentation every year, and sit through many more. I have seen presenter after presenter fall into these traps. I started teaching a course on “Presentation Skills” to help with this problem.”

“I searched for a resource that would help. There are many great books out there on presentation skills. But they tend to have a narrow focus. Some focus solely on the mechanics of presentations (how to use presentation software, public speaking etc). Others focus on the science of communication, such as how to be persuasive, psychology and so on.”

The Presentation Doctor is a short and engaging read that attempts to build a bridge by combining the soft skills of communication -persuasion, and the hard skills -design, software and delivery.

One reader said: “Very well put together book about presenting professionally. I loved the tips on PowerPoint especially since that is what I use the most. A lot of the advice goes against what I had learned like using bullet points for example. I was taught to use them, and this book teaches to avoid them -using spacing instead. It looks so much better without bullet points. Solid advice- most of which I have put into place on my next talk. Very excited. My presentation as a whole has gone way up after the advice in this book. Highly recommended.”

The Presentation Doctor is available in Kindle format at a retail price of $2.99. For further details, click here.

Media contact:
Jason Kabera

Distinctive Career Services Adds Federal Resume Writing to Job Search Support Services

Government Career Experts Help Job Seekers Package Their Expertise for Placement in the Federal Job Market.

Distinctive Career Services LLC Logo

Wakefield, New Hampshire, USA (March 25, 2015) — Distinctive Career Services, LLC, career and resume consultants for professionals and executives for nearly 20 years, has added a new resume writing service specifically designed for professionals seeking a career with the federal government. The new federal resume writing services are designed to assist job seekers in highlighting and promoting the unique skills and qualifications required to be considered for work in the federal sector.

There are millions of civilian jobs and the federal government is seeking new talent all the time, but few professionals understand what it takes to navigate the federal job application process, including what hiring managers look for in a resume.

On average, there are 250 resumes submitted for every job opening. That means an applicant has 15 seconds or less to stand out. In addition, government agencies require detailed resumes that include elements not typical in resumes written for the private sector. The resulting three- to five-page federal resume must also be structured in a prescribed format. If a federal job candidate does not follow the application instructions and can’t immediately demonstrate he or she has the right expertise and the right credentials then their resume will never be considered. That’s why Distinctive Career Services has created as specialized practice for government job seekers staffed by experts experienced in federal resume writing.

“Every job market has unique requirements and that’s especially true for federal workers,” said Michelle Dumas, founder and Executive Director of Distinctive Career Services. “It’s essential to highlight specific skills and qualifications, such as veteran status, language skills, and security clearance. Federal job screeners are looking for very specific qualifications, and our team of resume experts know what those criteria are based on years of experience. If you are looking for a job with the government we can help you demonstrate that you have the right qualifications to rise above the crowd.”

In addition to federal resume writing, Dumas and the team of career professionals at Distinctive Career Services offer a wide range of career support services, including cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, job search assistance, and personal branding strategies. Dumas herself holds both Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) credentials, and is a trained career coach and a Certified Personal Branding Strategist (CPBS) with credentials as a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) and a Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC).

For more information about Distinctive Career Services’ federal resume writing program, visit

About Distinctive Career Services
Founded in 1996, Distinctive Career Services, LLC (formerly Distinctive Documents) offers professional resume writing and consultation, design, and distribution services to job hunters worldwide. Using a proprietary methodology, Distinctive Career Services provides its clients with all the tools necessary to promote and market themselves, and shows them how to open new doors to reach their highest career aspirations. The firm’s clients include thousands of job seekers at all professional levels to the highest C-level executives. Clients come from all industries and includes working professionals looking to advance or change their careers as well as under- and unemployed workers looking to shorten their job search.

For more information, visit Distinctive Career Services online at

Michelle Dumas
Founder and Executive Director
Distinctive Career Services, LLC
(800) 644-9694

Cross-Post LLC Launches

Cross-Post LLC

New website helps job candidates manage their careers, apply for job opportunities, or take a college course using any mobile device.

Careerpointe Logo

Petaluma, CA, USA (March 23, 2014) — Cross-Post LLC, owner of Cross-Post Digital Recruitment Networks and co-owner of the CareerPointe Recruitment Classifieds Platform for publishers, announces the launch of its newest career management tool. is a web portal that provides free employment and career search tools, along with free and low-cost online educational opportunities from colleges and universities around the world. It is one of the first products of its kind and utilizes the ONREC 2014 award winning Tracklet? technology from Careerleaf of Canada.

“After considerable research, it was determined that job candidates viewed the job search and hiring process negatively. At the top of the list was having to fill out dozens of applications and then throwing them into a black hole. They would search for jobs in the morning on their mobile devices and have to wait to apply for them that evening on their desktop. We set out to improve the candidate engagement experience and, with our partners, have created a truly unique job search and career enhancement tool that candidates can use for the rest of their lives.” Noted John Fujii President of Cross-Post LLC. allows candidates to create their own personal job search portal quickly, using their LinkedIn account or resume to fill out their profile. They can upload multiple resumes and cover letters and keep track of every job lead and application for the rest of their careers. Though not a job board, gives them access to every job board on earth through the website. To apply for a job online, they simply have to drag their Tracklet? to their browser toolbar to the apply button, fill in the application with one click, retrieve their resume and cover letter, and hit apply. That job then appears in their Job Manager where they can track the progress of the application, and get tips and reminders to research and follow up with employers.

Everyone is a job candidate at one time or another, and passive and active candidates can use to improve their skills by taking free and low cost courses from some of the top educational institutions in the world. Through a partnership with the folks over at MoocTracks, candidates can search a global database of more than 14,000 Mooc’s or massively open online courses.

“This is such an awesome resource for early career and college students as well as the more seasoned professional who may be looking for a career change or finds themselves in outplacement. My son signed up for a free course in Business Theory at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in about five minutes and it is being taught by some of the top business minds in the country today. What a great resume builder. ” Said Carl Braun CEO of Cross-Post LLC.

“Mobilizing your job search is particularly appealing to candidates that are on the road often. From truckers to road warriors, everything available on can be done on a smartphone or tablet. The website is responsively designed, so it work on any size screen or mobile device. Applying for a job on your smartphone with a few clicks is a huge advancement in the marketplace.

Cross-Post plans to work with outplacement firms, college sites, veterans groups and others to extend this free tool to any and all candidates interested in finding a new job or building their knowledge base. The tools found on Career-Wallet are built into all CareerPointe job boards.

George M. Dratelis
Director of Business Development
Cross-Post Classified Networks /
Office: 508-413-2630
Web: /

About Cross-Post LLC
For more than a decade, Cross-Post LLC has been the leader in niche recruitment networks and technologies for newspapers and publishers. With more than 250 newspaper clients and dozens of niche network partners, Cross-Post has helped hundreds of thousands of job candidates over the years find gainful employment. Visit for more information.

About Careerleaf
Careerleaf Inc is a technology company whose mission is to make job search and online recruitment simple, effective, and more humane through its software and services. Everything we do at Careerleaf is guided by our fierce dedication to providing great user experiences, beautiful and practical design, and technology that makes it easy to adapt to change. For more info, please visit

About MOOCtracks
MOOCtracks provides a comprehensive directory of MOOCs, allowing users to quickly find the course that best fits their needs. By compiling information about a wide range of classes and making it easily accessible through their robust search engine, MOOCtracks offers a valuable resource for individuals as well as corporate training departments to access free and low-cost online education opportunities at the click of a button. Visit for more information.

Kaplan University and Leading Global HR Organization Assess What is Needed To Narrow the Skills Gap Between Job Seekers and Open Positions

Human resources leaders often rank communication skills over tech in business and IT fields, according to Career Tips survey.

Kaplan University Logo

DAVENPORT, Iowa (November 25, 2014) — Professionals who can articulate well and adeptly analyze information to make strategic decisions have the edge in business and information technology workplaces, according to nationwide survey commissioned by Kaplan University School of Business & Information Technology with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).

The survey, which highlights career tips for IT and Business Job applicants was distributed to 3,000 SHRM members nationwide in September, amassing over 350 responses from the administrator to C-Suite level. The goal of the survey was to identify the personal and professional traits that can help secure job opportunities for graduates seeking employment and advancement in the business and IT sectors.

“Kaplan University is keenly focused on making sure our graduates have the skills employers are looking for. We’re constantly evaluating and enhancing our business and IT programs to better prepare our students for the demands in the workplace,” said Dr. Thomas C. Boyd, Kaplan University dean and vice president of the School of Business & Information Technology. “The survey results reaffirm the importance of obtaining ‘soft skills’ like communication, critical thinking and team work in addition to core curriculum competencies.”

Key survey findings include the following:

• Aside from education training, communication (94%) and critical thinking skills (73%) ranked as leading skills for business and general job applicants in today’s workplace.

• Breaking it down by sector, communication (90%) and critical thinking (75%) remained as the top two business job applicant skills; technology/social and digital media skills (72%) and critical thinking (67%) addressed the top IT job applicant skills.

• Adaptability to change (31% for IT jobs; 25% for business jobs) was the one strength that HR professional deemed most important for a person to gain a competitive edge in their field or position.

• Employee referrals and national online job boards (58% and 53%, respectively, for business applicants; and equally 46% for IT applicants) were reported to be the leading resources for human resources recruiters. Internal job postings were another top recruitment source for business positions (45%), and industry-specific/niche online job boards were key for IT jobs (39%).

For more information, visit the Kaplan University School of Business & Information Technology.

About Kaplan University
Kaplan University offers a different school of thought for higher education. It strives to help adult students unlock their talent by providing a practical, student-centered education that prepares them for careers in some of the fastest-growing industries. The University, which has its main campus in Davenport, Iowa, and its headquarters in Chicago, is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission ( Kaplan University serves approximately 46,000 online and campus-based students. The University has 13 campuses in Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, Maryland, Maine, and Wisconsin, and Kaplan University Learning Centers in Maryland and Missouri.

Kaplan University is part of Kaplan Higher Education LLC and Kaplan, Inc., a leading international provider of educational and career services for individuals, schools and businesses. Kaplan’s higher education institutions serves approximately 61,000 students online and through 56 campus-based schools across the United States and offer a spectrum of academic opportunities, from certificates and diplomas to graduate and professional degrees, including a juris doctor degree. Kaplan serves students of all ages through a wide array of offerings including higher education, test preparation, professional training and programs for kids in grades K-12. Kaplan, Inc. is a subsidiary of Graham Holdings Company and its largest division. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Amy Hawkinson
Director of Public Relations
Kaplan University
Office: 954-515-3603
Mobile: 954-459-1324

NETSHARE Announces a Strategic Partnership with PERSONAL BUSINESS ADVISORS


NETSHARE and PERSONAL BUSINESS ADVISORS have formed a strategic alliance, expanding the reach and exceptional services these two companies now provide to the executive community – in the U.S. and around the world.

NOVATO, CA, USA (May 21, 2013) — Over the past few years due to market conditions, it has become evident that executives need a variety of resources to realize their career goals over the length of their working lives. While the benefits of a NETSHARE membership include six figure positions, personal attention/counseling and a variety of networking opportunities, there exists a segment of the executive level population who are interested in having more control over their destiny. As such, NETSHARE and PERSONAL BUSINESS ADVISORS have formed a strategic alliance, expanding the reach and exceptional services these two companies now provide to the executive community – in the U.S. and around the world.

Both CEOs, Katherine Simmons of NETSHARE and Uwe Brettmann of PERSONAL BUSINESS ADVISORS expressed their gratitude and optimism about creating this new alliance. Through their established and well respected companies, they serve the same market segment with quality, related services.

“We have evolved into the executive membership organization, where executives can stay connected, see what is out there at their level and actually talk with real people here to get answers to their questions,” said Katherine Simmons, CEO of NETSHARE. Leading the company for the past 20+ years, Simmons goes onto to say that because there is more demand for executive positions than there are job openings, the strategic partnership with Personal Business Advisors, who matches executives with business opportunities, is able to provide another path for executives to fulfill their career objectives.

“We are extremely proud of our partnership with NETSHARE, because we believe that quality trumps quantity Every time,” said Uwe Brettmann, CEO of Private Business Advisors. “As a senior level executive you will be hard pressed to find a more respected, sophisticated and helpful organization than NETSHARE, assisting you in finding your next executive position.”


NETSHARE ( is a confidential, membership based organization dedicated to providing executives across all disciplines and industries with quality $100 plus jobs. NETSHARE also offers networking opportunities and a community of peers for the exchange of strategic information and personal one-on-one service. NETSHARE has been recognized by Fortune and Forbes magazines as the best online destination for executive positions.


For over a decade PERSONAL BUSINESS ADVISORS, LLC ( has been helping thousands of executives by creating the World’s Only Supermarket for Business Opportunities. Together with more than 250 Senior Advisors in the U.S. alone, all of whom are executives themselves, PBA has created a safe and secure environment to provide unmatched opportunities. Opportunities that allow executives to be in full control of their own destiny, while generating income for themselves and their families. This service is provided at no cost to the candidate.

Annette DiSano

Doris Fink
Personal Business Advisors, LLC