Actyl to Host Open House in Belize City on July 30

Company continues search for qualified workers to relocate to growing Canadian job market.

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BELIZE CITY, Belize (July 29, 2013) — Actyl, a world leader in recruiting for the Canadian labor market, will hold its first open house in Belize City on Tuesday, July 30.

The company will host the event at its Belizean headquarters from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., kicking off daily open houses it will hold every weekday from this point forward. The open houses will allow interested parties to explore what working in Canada is all about, including the educational opportunities available in the country.

“We are very pleased to hold these daily open houses and welcome individuals who may be interested in the wide range of opportunities available in Canada,” said Dr. Linda West, President of Actyl. “Canada-particularly western Canada-is experiencing unprecedented economic growth, and as a result there is a big gap in the skilled labor market. This presents unique opportunities for people in Belize to find gainful employment, while perhaps embarking on a personal adventure all their own.”

This week, Actyl is recruiting for a number of jobs in Canada, including 100 positions at McDonald’s, 15 industrial painters, 15 industrial electricians, eight stockers at Canadian Tire, six journeyman automotive body professionals, two heavy-duty mechanics and two sheet metal technicians.

To be eligible for Canadian jobs, candidates must be between the ages of 19 and 35, speak English, have completed high school and be willing and able to travel. Actyl has experienced a great deal of success in recruiting workers from throughout Belize over the past year, with many individuals finding high-paying employment with countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“We have many jobs in Canada available right now, and demand is great for skilled, ambitious and hard-working people from Belize to relocate as soon as possible,” said West. “These opportunities are both permanent and temporary, so whether you’re looking to make some money while experiencing another part of the world for a few months or would like a more long-term venture, there are openings available for you.”

Actyl’s office is located at 154 Freetown Road in Belize City. Visitors are encouraged to look for the Canadian flags outside of the building. To learn more about Actyl and the jobs available through the firm, go to

Please direct inquiries to: Dr. Linda West, (501) 223-0705 (Belize City).

Actyl Announces Grand Opening of Belize City Foreign Recruiting Office

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New office features a more convenient location for Belizeans interested in open positions.

BELIZE CITY, Belize (May 28, 2013) — Actyl Group, a leading Canadian recruiting and human resources organization will open its new foreign recruiting office in Belize City, Belize on Wednesday, May 29.

The office, which replaces Actyl’s temporary location in Belmopan, will help the company meet the growing demand in Canada for skilled workers across many different sectors. This will be the firm’s first international recruiting office in Central America. In Canada, Actyl has offices in Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg.

“We are very pleased to open this recruiting office in the heart of Belize City, as it will give us access to thousands of terrific candidates to fill much-needed roles throughout Canada,” said Dr. Linda West, president of Actyl. “Our company is committed to finding the most talented and driven individuals to help meet Canada’s current labor shortage. In our experience, Belize has been a great place to find candidates, and we are excited about what the future will bring.”

Actyl has had much success in recruiting workers from Belize recently, and individuals in the country have found good-paying jobs in industries that include hospitality, maintenance and food service. Belizeans tend to have impressive skills in a number of key areas, as well as complete fluency English, which is also a major benefit to Canadian employers.

With the new office, Actyl is particularly interested in candidates who would like to work in the fields of auto body repair, warehouse labor and heavy-duty mechanics. McDonald’s Restaurant franchises, currently one of Canada’s top employers, are also looking for talented individuals who would like to take advantage of a number of opportunities. To be eligible, candidates must have completed high school and be between the ages of 19 and 35.

“This is a great time for people throughout Belize to consider employment opportunities in Canada,” said West. “Whether it’s temporary or permanent, there are some well-paying jobs available that give you the opportunity to both make a good salary and embark on an adventure in a different country.”

Unlike other parts of the world, Canada has many geographical regions that are experiencing both high economic growth and labor shortages, presenting an opportunity for foreign workers to fill many different positions. Actyl specializes in recruiting skilled workers from competitive labor markets, helping Canadian businesses fill these gaps.

Actyl’s new office, which will open at 9 a.m. on May 29, is located at 154 Freetown Road in Belize City. To learn more about the company and to view a listing of current job openings, go to Connect with Actyl on Facebook at

Please direct inquiries to:
In Belize: Linda West – (501) 822-2201,
In Canada: Adrian Schulz – (204) 272-8653

Actyl Announces Recruitment Trips to Belize, Jamaica

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Efforts will bring in temporary foreign workers before changes to law take effect.

EDMONTON, Alberta (May 24, 2013) — Actyl, a leading Canadian recruiting and human resources organization, will visit Belize and Jamaica in the coming days in an effort to bring temporary foreign workers (TFWs) to Canadian businesses.

The trip, which will take place May 27-31, comes just in time to bring these workers to Canada before key changes to the law take effect this summer. These changes will make it more difficult and costly for TFWs to enter the country starting in August.

“It is important for employers to act now before the law changes make it more difficult to find quality TFWs,” said Adrian Schulz, managing director of Actyl. “Later this summer, many of the advantages of hiring TFWs will be eliminated, making it more expensive for Canadian organizations businesses to rely on these very skilled and hard-working personnel. We’re encouraging all businesses that will require the use of TFWs in the coming year to apply now to avoid the hardships that will be associated with the new law.”

TFWs are frequently used to fill workforce gaps for businesses experiencing labor shortages. The changes in law will eliminate the accelerated Labor Market Opinion program that has offered businesses quick approval for the hiring of foreign workers. Elected officials intended these changes to force companies to find employees within the domestic workforce before turning to TFWs, even though the western provinces of Canada are currently experiencing a significant shortage in skilled workers.

Actyl will search for and interview candidates for jobs in Belize and Jamaica, two countries with thriving hospitality industries. These locales make for an ideal labor pool, as workers from these countries are often fluent in English and are highly qualified for work at Canadian businesses. Workers brought into the country before August will be exempt from the changes in the law.

“We have been successful in bringing in necessary temporary laborers to help Canadian businesses stay competitive in their respective markets,” said Schulz. “It’s important for companies to be aware of how these changes in the law will affect them. We look forward to our upcoming recruiting trip and encourage Canadian companies to look into the benefits of TFWs, if they haven’t already.”

Actyl specializes in recruiting skilled workers from competitive labor markets, which can help businesses fill gaps in their existing workforces. The firm actively recruits workers from Mexico, Jamaica, Belize, Ireland, the Philippines and other areas around the world.

To learn more about Actyl, visit

Please direct inquiries to: Adrian Schulz, 204-272-8653.

Actyl Group Makes Third Trip to Belize to Recruit Workers

Company seeks to find workers to fill western Canada labor shortage.

Regina, SK, Canada (April 3, 2013) — Actyl Group, a leading international recruiting firm, will once again return to Belize in an effort to find more skilled workers to fill the current labor shortage in western Canada.

During the trip, which will be the company’s third in just four months, Actyl Group representatives will interview people trained in a number of areas. The company is looking for people to fill key positions throughout the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta, and plans on making nearly 100 new job offers in April alone.

“We have had great success finding outstanding workers in Belize since we started recruiting in this area, but Saskatchewan, Alberta and the rest of the Western Canada region continue to see major labor shortages,” said Adrian Schulz of Actyl Group. “The people we have met on our trips so far have been exceptional candidates, with great English, from hospitality to skilled trades. We look forward to meeting more potential workers as we again head to Central America.”

As a result of its previous trips to Belize, the Actyl Group made more than 70 job offers, with many of these candidates already about to start their new lives. “It is such an honor to be selected by an Employer in Canada – it will be an adventure. I very much appreciate Actyl for helping me get this opportunity and for supporting me every step of the way” says candidate Stacy Ramos of Belize. Western Canada’s labor shortage stems from the fact that the region experienced slow economic growth until about 2007, and many of its young people left for opportunities in other parts of the country. Over the past five years, however, the region has seen a tremendous amount of economic growth, spurring the need to bring in more workers to fill critical positions.

During its April trip, Actyl Group will particularly be looking for welders, heavy-duty mechanics, ironworkers, sheet metal workers, fabricators, machinists, geomembrane installers, commercial steel framers, flat roofers, small engine repair specialists, automotive technicians and plasterers. One employer also featured will be franchised McDonald’s Restaurants, which was recently named one of Canada’s Top 5 Best Employers for the ninth time.

“There are numerous top employers looking for workers who will bring a great work ethic and dependable skills to these positions, and we haven’t been let down yet when meeting with candidates in Belize,” said Schulz. “If you would like to explore the opportunities provided by western Canada’s recent economic growth, we invite you to meet with our team.”

Actyl Group will be at 19 Barbados Street in the City of Belmopan April 8-11, 2013, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. The sessions are free, and potential candidates should bring a copy of their resumes, passports and any diplomas or certificates. To learn more, visit

Media Contact:
Linda West
Actyl Group Inc.
(306) 569-7948