New Book Release – Anything for Amelia, by Andrew C. Branham

Anything for Amelia, by Andrew C. Branham, tells a horrific adoption story of fraud and abuse.

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Jackson, MI, USA (October 29, 2015) — Andrew C. Branham’s Anything for Amelia is a true story of the challenges endured by two gay men who had the desire to adopt a child. Consistently ranked in the top 100 on Amazon. All FIVE Star Reviews!

Anything for Amelia

When Andrew and DJ decided to adopt and bring a child into their lives, little did they know what they were about to endure; yet never did the thought cross their minds to give up. The horrific, pitilessly, and beyond comprehensible hoops one women would make them jump through demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that little Amelia was going to be much better off in the loving home that Drew and DJ could provide her. Just when you think, how can two people survive such a nightmare and the journey is just about over when little Amelia is born and will be safely in the arms of her loving dads, Sandi decides to pull one more shenanigan that could change their lives forever.

More than 10 million adults have been adopted or fostered in their childhood. Along with spiraling increases in adoptions comes a growing need to disclose the significant flaws in adoption laws that open the doors to fraud, manipulation, and abuse of the system. AMELIA is the first book to explore this dark side of the adoption process through the true story of one couple’s journey through hell. Called “the most difficult adoption in U.S. history” by adoption experts, the book appeals to nearly all families (traditional and non-traditional) interested in adoption, foster parenting, or surrogacy. An amazing book filled with tips, advice, and eye-opening first-hand accounts, this is one feel-good story that serves an important purpose and fills a critical gap in adoption literature. – D. J. Herda

Common throughout the reviews – “A must read!, Intriguing, I was sad and needed to stop for many tissues, Shocking Story, Eye opening, Awesome, Loved, Great, Heart-breaking, Touching, Beautiful, …” This book is the type of book you will not put down until you’re done, and even at that point you will want to re-read it.

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The ebook version of Anything for Amelia ISBN 9781506900278, published by First Edition Design Publishing (, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 234 page print book version, ISBN 9781506900261 is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

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