IPX 1031 Launches Free 1031 Library Portal and APP

Placing everything related to 1031 exchanging at your fingertips.


San Francisco, CA, USA — IPX 1031, the nation’s largest tax deferred exchange facilitator, today announced the launch of their free 1031 Library web portal and mobile app for investment property owners. The portal and app were specifically designed as a streamlined, customer facing platform for 1031 Exchangers to evaluate their suitability for an exchange, perform property diligence and analysis, ask a quick question of a 1031 expert, or monitor their transaction online.

The new application, available for free through the Apple App and Google Play stores, features multi-dimensional real property oriented analytical tools, educational tutorials and wizards which allow Exchangers to communicate easily with their transactional coordinator and monitor their entire 1031 exchange process from the palm of their hand.

“We’re always looking for ways to save our customers time and empower them before, during and after their 1031 exchange. Usually that centers on our ability to interact with them during the exchange process, but it can also mean providing timely access to information, diligence and expertise” said Jennifer Keen, Executive Vice President of Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. “The new app and portal will include some never before seen analytical tools and wizards which will help prospective Exchangers to pre-assess their transactions, educate themselves on the process, as well as manage their transaction online.”

For more information on the 1031 Library app, visit http://www.1031library.com.

About IPX 1031
(IPX 1031) Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. is the largest facilitator of 1031 exchanges in the country and has locations nationwide. They provide their customers with a wide range of tax deferred exchange services. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortune 300 Fidelity National Financial. For more information, visit http://www.IPX1031.com.

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Thomas Bottenberg