New Book Release – Quantum Times, by Bill Diffenderffer

Quantum Times, by Bill Diffenderffer, tells a tale of visitors from Other Parallel Earths to our Earth, with intentions both cautionary and piratical.

First Edition Design POD & eBook Publishing

Columbus, OH, USA (September 25, 2015) — Bill Diffenderffer’s Quantum Times peels off the cover of our world (at both the physical and the political levels) to point at the strange and dangerous forces creating the times we live in.

Quantum Times

Quantum Times is a ‘hard’ Syfy novel about the good and the bad that can come to our planet over the next thirty years as our technology innovations are realized. Its story lines are written from the headlines of our world’s newspapers showcasing global terrorism, rogue nation states and political and economic inequality. It projects a world at risk of destroying itself with its ever more powerful technology flowing down to increasingly dangerous nihilistic leaders.

Borrowing from the ‘Many Worlds’ theoretical physics theory, in Quantum Times our Earth is visited by “aliens” from three other worlds – all of which turn out to be ‘Other Earths’. Yet these Earths are different from ours: their histories developed differently. These Other Earths are more technologically advanced than ours, particularly in their understanding of how to manipulate reality through understanding the latent power of “consciousness”. They arrive just after North and South Korea have destroyed each other with an exchange of nuclear missiles. Our world is on edge.

These Other Earths each have their own reasons for coming. One comes to help us avoid our potential for destruction, one comes like a pirate to first create chaos and then feed off of the opportunities presented, and one comes to further its own empire building dreams across all the Earths. What isn’t clear to our political leaders is which is which. Each claims to come to help us.

As the story develops, one of the Other Earths arms our Earth’s terrorist groups with more powerful weapons. These are used to destroy the US Embassy in Tel Aviv and threaten the Capitol in Washington. Powerful bombs are set off in London and New York City and there is an escalation of terrorist acts everywhere.

Excellent and well described and engaging storyline. I found the quantum theory multiverse description intriguing. Well worth reading and provoking. ~Nik Psevdos

I really enjoyed this book, I will watch for sequel. ~Barbara Fiehn

Good, taut SF novel that takes new age beliefs and places them firmly within the halls of science. Philosophy and physics co-mingle within the plot of this high stakes thriller for the future of this Earth as we learn that there are as many Earths as history has provided opportunities for clan/state clashes. Rather than create new realities in an alternate timeline, new Earths are created where the losers prevail. Now our Earth is a juicy target for the others. It’s a good tale and implied first in a series. ~Suzanne Reuss

Genre – Syfy, Quantum Physics, Terrorism, Consciousness, Many Worlds, Politics, End-Of-World

The ebook version of Quantum Times ISBN 9781622879755, published by First Edition Design Publishing, is available on-line wherever ebooks are sold. The 334 page print book version, ISBN 9781622879748 is published by First Edition Design Publishing and distributed worldwide to online booksellers.

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Bill Diffenderffer

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