UniNet iColor 700 Digital Label Press Outshines Primera CX1200

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The UniNet iColor 700 digital label press is a worthy competitor to Primera CX1200 – outshining it in speed, flexibility, variability, and cost.

UniNet iColor 700 Digital Label Press

Concord, Ontario (September 3, 2015) — The Primera CX1200 digital label press, and its CX1000 sibling, is widely considered the best industrial color label press. A new player has emerged, the UniNet iColor 700, and it outshines the Primera CX1200 in: speed, flexibility, variability, and operating cost.

Both are laser label printers. Powered by LED laser technology, the iColor 700 operates at a lower operating temperature, allowing for a much larger selection of laser label materials. Jim Brown from Optimedia Labs said, “The iColor 700 prints on paper, tag, vinyl, polypropylene and polyester label stock – and more. The Primera CX1200’s media choices are much more limited.”

The UniNet iColor 700 is nearly twice as fast as the Primera CX1200, printing at 30 feet per minute (the CX1200 is 16.25 feet per minute). Faster print jobs save both time and money.

Other advantages include:

• Matrix removal – The iColor 700 prints label media with or without the matrix. Primera’s CX1200/CX1000 requires purchasing additional equipment, like the FX1000 matrix removal system, to remove the matrix.

• Media width – The UniNet iColor 700 prints on media from 3 to 8.5 inches wide while the Primera CX1200/CX1000 only prints on 8.5-inch media. For example, when printing a 4×3 label on the CX1200/CX1000, a single label spans the 8.5-inch media, resulting in waste. The iColor 700 can print two across on 8.5-inch media or one across using a 6-inch media width, reducing media costs.

• Glossy GHS printing – Both label printers can print GHS BS5609 labels, but the iColor 700 can do so on glossy polypropylene labels for a nicer look. The Primera CX1200 and CX1000’s higher temperature would melt glossy polypropylene labels.

• Variable data – The iColor 700 has an option for printing variable data, such as unique serial numbers, barcodes, and product information, on labels in one step. The Primera CX1200/CX1000 does not support variable data.

• White toner option – This allows for printing white graphics and text on clear or black label stock. The Primera CX1200 and CX1000 do not have a white toner option.

• Cost – The UniNet iColor 700 is about $3,000 cheaper than the Primera CX1200. “It’s not just the lower purchase price,” Brown pointed out. “The UniNet iColor 700 will produce label jobs faster and at lower cost due to reduced media wastage. Plus, the toners on the iColor 700 are also cheaper since the drum and toners are two separate units. Primera’s toner and drum are in a single unit, costing more to replace.”

Optimedia Labs offers low monthly payments on the UniNet iColor 700 (on approved credit) through its business leasing program – and fast turnaround and free shipping.

About Optimedia Labs
Optimedia Labs carries the most popular color label printers from Primera Technology, UniNet, Epson, NeuraLabel, VIPColor, iSys, and Afinia Label. We helping customers across the United States and Canada with everything needed to bring digital label printing in-house.

Media Contact:
Jim Brown
Optimedia Labs Incorporated

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