Actyl Group Assists Employers After Ban Lifted on TFW Program for Fast Food Restaurants

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Company’s team is well trained in the new changes made by Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

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REGINA, Saskatchewan (June 22, 2014) — In the wake of a recent overhaul of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), international workforce solutions firm Actyl Group has trained its staff on all of the new rules and regulations associated with the program.

The broad changes, announced June 20, are intended to prevent abuse and make it more difficult for employers to hire workers from outside the country. As part of these efforts, businesses and organizations in high-unemployment regions will not be allowed to bring in temporary foreign workers, and there will be caps placed on the number of TFWs employers across the country can hire. The ban on TFWs for fast food businesses, however, has been lifted.

“Although these recent changes to the TFWP in Canada will make it more difficult for employers to leverage it, there are still many opportunities to find, recruit and hire skilled workers,” said Linda West, president and CEO of Actyl. “Our firm has been able to project these changes and is ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest updates imposed by the federal government. As a result, our team is very well positioned to help businesses with both domestic and international worker recruitment.”

While the TFWP will still exist, there will also be a new category created called the International Mobility Program. Changes to the overall program include an increase in the number of inspections to 25 percent of all organizations using the TFWP each year. There will also be an increase in the application fee to $1,000 per worker requested, up from $250 previously.

In addition, businesses found to be abusing the program will have to pay a fine of up to $100,000, and the Canada Border Services Agency will receive more funding to pursue criminal investigations against potential abusers. Employers with TFWs on staff will also be listed in public records.

“Because of this recent overhaul, businesses with temporary foreign workers must make sure that they are in full compliance with the law,” said West. “Actyl has been the first recruitment firm to train its staff on these changes, and we know how to effectively and legally help you find and manage the skilled workers who will allow your business grow and thrive.”

Actyl Group is a widely respected firm that helps its clients create workforce solutions customized to their specific needs. The company has decades of industry expertise and experience, providing Canadian businesses and organizations with the best immigration solutions and job candidates. To learn more, visit

Please direct inquiries to: Linda West (888) 883-2731

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