SuccessorE Helps Jobseekers Get More Interviews and Find Jobs Faster with eResume(TM)

SuccessorE, Inc., today announced that jobseekers who use their eResume™ (electronic resume) are seeing a clear advantage in a tight job market.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada (September 25, 2013) — SuccessorE, Inc., the creators of the eResume™ online career portfolio, today announced that jobseekers who use their eResume™ (electronic resume) are seeing a clear advantage in a tight job market. SuccessorE subscribers are reporting that after adopting the electronic resume (eResumeTM) format they are able to make a bigger impact with prospective employers resulting in more interviews and more job offers.

“When I started looking for a job I wasn’t having much success, but once I started using your service, I was getting calls left right and center!,” writes Serena Pawluk, a SuccessorE user. “On Monday this week, I had an interview downtown. I had used your site. When I met with the interviewer he felt like he already knew me because he was able to view my sample work, my references, my samples, and already felt that I would be the perfect fit for the job. This morning he reached out to me to offer me this amazing career opportunity! All without checking my references because they were already on my eResumeTM. I will be ensuring everyone knows about SuccessorE as I KNOW the eResumeTM works!”

The SuccessorE eResume™ tool allows jobseekers to showcase their skills and abilities using a mix of traditional resume, and media-rich elements all hosted on the web to be viewed by prospective employers. The format is private, unlike LinkedIn so jobseekers decide who to share it with and how via the creation of unique links they can also track the number of views on.

“Our product really helps job seekers stand out in any market,” said Laura Cooke, President of SuccessorE, Inc. “In fact, all of our clients who put the time and effort into creating and sending out their eResume™ are seeing an increase in both interview requests and job offers. An eResume™ has an impact like no other job search tool.”

Jobseeker Aisling Lynch agrees. “I was nervous about making the move to Toronto without having a job in place first” she says, “but with SuccessorE’s help, I had a professional and unique product that one recruiter mentioned definitely helped me stand out. I had two interviews within the first week of my move and a job within two weeks. Thank-you SuccessorE.”

About SuccessorE, Inc.
Based in Calgary, Alberta, SuccessorE, Inc., was created to give job seekers the same advantage as networking, in a competitive job market, when no network is in place. Through its eResume™ service, SuccessorE lets you create customized online job profile highlighting your skills and expertise using a traditional resume, online portfolio, references, photos and video, and more. Job seeker success proves that SuccessorE’s eResume™ has an incredible impact with potential employers. And a portion of all SuccessorE profits go to not-for-profit organizations.

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