New Regulatory Regimes for Derivatives at Tech2Trade Expo’s Derivatives Trading Forum 2013

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Golden Networking brings Tech2Trade Expo 2013 (, World’s Most Influential Alternative Investments Conference Series, including Derivatives Trading Forum 2013, “Global Implementation of Regulatory Reform in the $640 Trillion OTC Derivatives Market,” New York City, London, Chicago, Singapore and Frankfurt (

DTF 2013 New York City

New York City, NY, USA (June 25, 2013) — Over the past five years, the European Union and the U.S. have developed separate, new regulatory regimes for derivatives, aimed at protecting our financial systems, economies and taxpayers from a repeat of the 2008 crisis. European Markets and Infrastructure Regulation, the EU’s strict and comprehensive set of rules for derivatives transactions, became law in August and took effect in March. EMIR fulfills the commitments made by the leaders of Group of 20 nations to improve safety and transparency by requiring reporting and mandatory clearing for derivative trades. Trading rules will soon follow.

EMIR is stricter and broader in scope than the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, which regulates U.S. markets. For instance, in Europe, all financial companies regardless of size are required to clear their derivatives trades and report them to trade repositories, and there is no carve-out for foreign-exchange transactions. The EU’s capital standards for clearing houses are much tougher. EMIR’s transparency obligations, both pre-trade and post-trade, are more rigorous than those in force in the U.S.

Following the entry into force of these regulations, market participants are dealing with a complex list of requirements to be fulfilled at different deadlines in the coming months. For market participants, the key challenge will be to meet the central clearing and trade reporting obligations, while regulators strive to ensure consistency with foreign jurisdictions so as to limit the unintended effects of extraterritoriality.

Golden Networking is pleased to host at Tech2Trade Expo 2013’s Derivatives Trading Forum 2013 (, this July 30 in New York City, September 18 in London, October 8 in Chicago, October 24 in Singapore and November 21 in Frankfurt. Derivatives Trading Forum 2013, “Global Implementation of Regulatory Reform in the $640 Trillion OTC Derivatives Market”, aims at critically reviewing recent regulatory developments and identifying opportunities and challenges in the implementation process, which may influence its full entry into force in America, Europe and Asia. This recent regulation, with its implementing rules, will certainly reshape OTC derivative markets and produce structural changes in the financial industry, with effects for the real economy.

Golden Networking’s Derivatives Trading Forum 2013, “Global Implementation of Regulatory Reform in the $640 Trillion OTC Derivatives Market”, will provide attendees with answers to all their questions on how to successfully navigate the new regulatory landscape for over-the-counter and exchange-traded derivatives, devise profit-increasing strategies to enhance the performance of their trading desks and anticipate further developments in the industry. Recognized industry experts will provide attendees with the information they are looking for in an open and unbiased environment. Leaders in the industry will also discuss long-term market and industry perspectives, taking into consideration the interaction of the Dodd-Frank Act and EMIR with other pieces of legislation.

Derivatives Trading Forum 2013, co-located with Hedge Funds Leaders Forum 2013 and High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2013, is produced by Golden Networking (, the premier networking community for business executives, entrepreneurs and investors. Panelists, speakers and sponsors are invited to download our Information Package or contact Golden Networking directly by calling +1-414-FORUMS0 or sending an email to

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