Miss Cougar International Speaks Out Against CougarLife Billboard

Amy Luna Manderino, the reigning Miss Cougar International, is calling out the dating site Cougarlifecom, for its recent advertising ploy.

San Rafael, CA (May 31, 2013) — Contact: Tom Andrews, 415-479-3800

Amy Luna Manderino, the reigning Miss Cougar International, is calling out the dating site Cougarlifecom, for its recent advertising ploy. The Los Angeles billboard depicts a woman breastfeeding with a thought bubble balloon from the (presumably male) baby’s head saying “Jealous?” in order to promote their dating website for older women and younger men.

Ms. Manderino, a popular educational speaker on the aging revolution and s*x and gender evolution, regularly speaks about dating sites that use s*xually graphic images of older women to sell their product. “A few individuals have managed to brand the cougar archetype and, as a result, they have p*rnified, objectified and trivialized an entire generation of confident, empowered women who are exercising new choices and freedoms as society evolves.”

In her blog, Age and the S*x Evolution, Ms. Manderino explains how Cougarlife and its parent, Avid Life Media, are perpetuating a harmful, regressive image of mature single women. “Women who are s*xually knowledgable, comfortable and open lead happy, healthy lives as the s*xual equals of their partners. Characterizing confident women as ‘hunters’ reinforces the obsolete and dangerous idea that human s*xuality requires a ‘predator’ and a ‘prey’ which creates a climate that contributes to s*xual assault as well as unsatisfying consensual s*x.” The full blog is at http://www.amyluna.com/blog.

Manderino is a performing artist, academic scholar, public speaker and lifelong advocate for gender equality and healthy s*xuality. She competed to win Miss Cougar International in order to acknowledge the exciting cultural shifts occurring for women and men and to debunk the obsolete “Mrs. Robinson” stereotype. She is also a member of Mensa (high IQ society), Omicron Delta Kappa (national leadership honor society) and the Alumnae Leadership Council of the Public Leadership Education Network for women. Amy Luna Manderino is available to the news media for interviews by calling 510-666-7626 or by emailing misscougarinternational@gmail.com.

Rich Gosse
Society of Single Professionals
205 Mark Twain Avenue, San Rafael CA 94903

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