New York Entrepreneur Redefines the Term Sugar Daddy

NY entrepreneur and gentleman about town Alan “Action” Schneider unashamedly embraces the term Sugar Daddy.

San Francisco, CA, USA (April 10, 2013) — Contact: Tom Andrews, 415/507-9962

NY entrepreneur and gentleman about town Alan “Action” Schneider unashamedly embraces the term Sugar Daddy. “With the economy in the condition it is in, women are gravitating to the traditional relationship where the man is the provider,” says Mr. Schneider. “Many women appreciate men who extend to them mentorship, chivalry, attention, and financial and emotional assistance. Throughout history and up to the current day, these relationships simply work. Despite the dim view that some may have of sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships, their numbers are increasing rapidly and are resulting in a new generation of non-traditional as well as traditional relationships.”

Mr. Schneider has thrown more and larger Sugar Daddy parties than anyone on the planet. The 49 year old single parent passionately defends Sugar Daddy parties, “Where the Gorgeous Meet the Generous.”

To those who define Sugar Daddy relationships as prostitution, Mr. Schneider responds that “Sugar Daddy relationships are ongoing relationships, not one night stands, and they are as monogamous as other relationships, often more so. Many Sugar Daddy relationships evolve into marriage or long term committed relationships. They are based on mutual spoiling and pampering… and what’s wrong with that?” They are no different than a marriage between a successful man and his wife who he takes care of financially and who takes care of him in every way she can. Partners in the sugar lifestyle believe that in this modern era there is no reason you can’t live that same kind of supportive relationship without getting married.”

Mr. Schneider’s next Sugar Daddy party, Make-up, Models and Mayhem, will be on Wednesday, April 25, 2013, 7pm to 12:30am, at New York’s most famous nightclub, Copacabana, 268 W 47th St, NYC. A huge crowd is expected, including 200 models. The party features both a Live Salsa Band and a Disco Band, Gourmet Food & Dessert Bar, and much more. The cost is $40/door for women and $80/door for gentlemen. Tickets may be purchased at Promo discount codes are available at 1-855-AlanAction, x5.

The parties are co-sponsored by SugarDaddyFor, the world’s largest dating website for sugar daddies and sugar babies (four million members); and Alan Action Events. Adults of all ages are welcome. Media interviews with Alan “Action” Schneider can be scheduled by calling 415-507-9962.

One thought on “New York Entrepreneur Redefines the Term Sugar Daddy

  1. Reblogged this on savvysugar and commented:
    Good for Alan Shneider. It’s awesome that more sugar daddies are coming out and expanding the public’s idea of who can be a sugar daddy and the forms that a sugar relationship can take. Seriously, the public is mostly so ill-informed about this hugely growing phenomenon and whereas we don’t necessarily need their respect or approval, it’d be cool if people understood that people simply have different preferences and ways of living and even forming relationships.

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